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Here are my presets for the amp modelers/multieffect procesors I'm currently using, I only use the amp modeling as I preffer outboard/standalone stompboxes for overdrive/distortion, modulation and time based effects.

Presets for the Digitech RP1000
Presets for the Digitech GNX3000
Presets for the Line 6 POD XT Live
Presets for the Behringer V-AMP PRO
Presets for the Johnson J-Station
Presets for IK Multimedia Amplitube 3
Presets for the ZOOM G9.2tt 
Presets for the Two Notes Engineering Torpedo C.A.B.

Impulse Responses

The following file contains my own impulse responses for the world's most popular cabinet/speaker simulators, download for free to try and personal use, do not share publicly or sell w/o permission.

List of speaker simulators:

  • Zoom 9000 & 9002 (Amp Sim)
  • Behringer GI100 Ultra-G 4x12" Cabinet Simulator
  • Hughes & Kettner Red Box Classic
  • Palmer PDI09 (The Junction)
  • AMT Electronics CN-1 (Chamaleon CAB)
  • Fender 212R Combo 2x12" Cab w/ Celestion G12T-75

Download version 2 

...more to come

Copyright  Miguel Oscar